profile1The self-adhesive tapes are manufactured employing BOPP (Bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene) film and pressure-sensitive water based acrylic adhesive. Since these tapes are to be used by application of pressure by hand or roller (as in case of packaging machines) they are also known as pressure sensitive tapes. The adhesive used is water based having no residual solvent content thus complying with the food packaging industry requirements.

The tapes are available in assorted widths, lengths and thickness depending on the application. These tapes have numerous applications including sealing of cartons, securely holding packages during handling and transportation, marking or identification, advertising by printing logo / text / message on the tape, preventing tampering of written matter, sealing of documents, stationery use, etc.

ACE, KING & King Wonder Tapes are available in transparent (clear), coloured transparent and in various coloured bases to go with the appearance of the package and the print colour. These tapes score over others in qualities such as high tensile strength, elongation, adhesion quality and shelf life. They are water resistant and remain reasonably unaffected by humidity and high temperatures up to 60oC. The tapes can be printed in-house, up to three colours and the printed matter is sandwiched between the film and the adhesive to prevent message tampering.


BOPP tapes have a high film strength making them difficult to cut with bare hands. Special hand-tear tapes are also available which are easy to use in stationery applications and where high manual packing speed is desired as in the case of packaging perishable products. These are offered in widths over 12 mm.